August 11th, 2014

Son of a preacher man.

Holiday Photos 12 ... Westminster

Westminster is the part of London that everyone hears about - Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, etc.

However many times I go there, I still love going back.  My college in the first year was near here, and a lot of memories came flooding back as I saw the general views again.

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Most people know the Abbey, but don't know about Westminster Cathedral.  This is the #1 Catholic Church in England

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Soldier - silhouette

Holiday Photos 13 ... Whitehall

Between Trafalgar Square and Westminster is Whitehall.  Another site most of you see is the Cenotaph which is here.

As is Horseguards .... and the Guards memorial.  Both those items are "related" to my paternal grandfather.  He was in the Coldstream Guards from the end of WWI to the early 20's.

 photo img053_zps5b57bd09.jpg

When the Cenotaph was dedicated, and the Unknown Warrior buried, some of his kit actually lay on the coffin, as one of a couple of soldiers.  For the Guards Memorial, the 5 models are actual men, and it was Granddad's best friend who was used as the model for the Coldstream Guard.

So, as you see a bit of unknown history, that makes these places even more important to me.

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There are a few more photos here at PhotoBucket