August 8th, 2014


Holiday Photos 10 .... Buckingham Palace & St James Park

When I trained to be an osteopath I spent 4 years commuting each day to London ... for the first year my college was near Buckingham Palace, and then it moved to Trafalgar Square.  Each nice lunchtime we used to go to St James Park.  The first year we had the advantage of hearing the Bands play (until the IRA bombing) and one winter we even built a snowman there.

So these photos bring back a host of memories, as well as being fantastic places to visit.

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James - Discovery Channel

Holiday Photos 11 ... The V & A And The Science Museums

However many times I go to London I inevitably find my way to the V&A, even if only for an hour ... just somewhere that I love.  I also try to go to another museum as well, and this time it was my favourite from childhood, the Science Museum.

As I was only at both for a shortish time there are only a few images, however I haven't posted them all, so if you want to see a few more, then click on any photo and it will take you to the Photobucket links.

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James - London 2010 - double image

100 Days Of Happy - Day 22

As I was posting some more London photos I was enjoying remembering the trip.

I have my Media Player on, and it's on shuffle, and just as I was about to post the last lot I heard "Meet me in London City", which was both appropriate, and amy favourite James song (still) ... so I listened, and went to click post, to find the next song was ... "Meet me in London City" ... Honest!

So that's a fun few moments in my day so far.