August 5th, 2014

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BtVS Season 3 Icons .... And A Few Thoughts On WWI, 100 Years On

At long last I have my internet back.  The company I am with did loads of tests and eventually said they couldn't find the problem.  If I needed more tests I would have to pay to get my house checked.  Anyway, I had to send a couple of photos to a friend and gave it a go ... it worked!  So whatever they did or didn't do, it worked.

Now I have a set of icons to post .... these are for round 3 of btvsats20in20 and my theme is BtVS season 3.  Hopefully, as ever I have managed to both capture a few of the more unusual images, as well as some of the on-going story.  Anyway ... hope you enjoy them.

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Cat3_zps75c990b4.jpg  photo Yellow_zpsfa864fc3.jpg    photo FullBody_zps39631c28.jpg

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So, now I have internet and actually had to cancel todays shift as I am in too much pain to work, I shall get some photos of my London holiday posted. As I do that I am watching the WWI services from yesterday, as I don't have a TV I am catching up on iPlayer.
I did remember to turn my lights out ... and had a candle burning in my window ... and at 11 when I blew it out, I noticed the house opposite me doing the same ... that is part of what remembrance should be about - we are all affected.
Poppy Wreath

Holiday Photos 7 .... The Tower of London a

Yay - at long last I can get the rest of the photos posted! I don't think the internet company were actually sure what caused the problem ... but it appears to be fixed (until the next time)


London still has an amazing amount of history in it, especially considering how much of the city area was destroyed during both World Wars.

The Tower is famous for a few things. One is the White Tower which was built soon after the Norman Conquest. For many years it has been an armoury museum. The crown jewels are kept at the tower as well.

Other than that it is famous for The Bloody Tower (a swear word in England, so kids take great delight in talking about it!), where Sir Walter Raleigh spent some of his imprisonment. Yes, The Tower has, and still is, a Royal Palace, but in times past it has been a prison. Tower Green inside the complex is where a few people lost their hears, including 3 queens of England ... Queen Anne Boleyn, Queen Catherine Howard, and Lady Jane Grey. Whereas less famous people had a more public death on Tower Hill. Ironically more people were executed during the war than previously .... spies were kept here, and shot until 1941.

Another famous thing is that of the ravens .... legend has it that while there are ravens at the tower, England will survive. They sleep in large cages, but I did see one out & about!

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More to come!