July 31st, 2014


100 Days Of Happy - Day 16

Where I was working this morning asked if I would like to pre-book some more shifts there in September.  It's great to be wanted ... and good to know I have some work ahead.

I commented that one day I couldn't as I had my specialist's appt booked, and I was immediately told not to be silly - to book the day, and go to the appt as needed.

Quite an unusual reaction ... so that made me happy.
Confused - HPI

Still Confusing Myself!

I am still battling the internet and trying to upload my photos ... I have now contacted my provider and they are meant to be looking into it.  So, so frustrating that even one at a time they wont upload.  As I am having problems I may just scribble some things about my London trip (if you want) and post the photos when I eventually get done.

While arguing with the internet I have also been working on some icons, and did a bit of a silly thing ... I made an icon for btvsats20in20 (we were given a screen-cap to work with) and I quite liked it, but decided to do a different approach.  Now I have 2 totally different, and I like them both .... GGGGGggggrrrrrrrrrr .... what a twit, I should have stuck with my first thought!!

Health-wise things are slowly tightening up in my muscles ... one month till the specialist's appt, so hopefully I get some answers then.

Hope all is well with you
Sword of Sacrifice

1914 - 2014

This coming month is the sad anniversary of the start of the First World War.  I had a great Uncle and one of my Grandfathers serve in France (in fact Granddad went over on day 1 of the Battle of the Somme).

The Royal British Legion are hoping that everyone will get involved in a UK-wide event, LIGHTS OUT is an invitation to everyone to turn off their lights from 10pm to 11pm on 4 August, leaving on a single light or candle for a shared moment of reflection. LIGHTS OUT will be one of the largest mass participation events of its kind ever seen in the UK, and will complement a candlelit service held at Westminster Abbey on 4 August 2014.


At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning
We will remember them.