June 26th, 2014

Thank You ... James!

Belated Birthday Thanks

I am really sorry to say how disorganised I am at present - and so many of you were so kind to wish me a Happy Birthday ... I loved the PM's ... thank you so much.  Thank you spikereader for the card, and pfeifferpack for the e-card,, as well

Ene nicer were the virtual cakes and hugs .... Thank you especially to ...


Sorry if I missed any posts.  I got loads of wishes over on FaceBook as well, and I shall go over there this evening to thank people.

I had a good birthday, although when I got to Mum & Dad's they were a bit in a weird mood ... so I took Jiffy out for a walk, and then things all got back on track!

They had planned to take me out for a pub lunch, but a neighbour popped in with some gooseberries, and we were late, so we had take away fish/chicken pie & chips ... very scrummy!

In the afternoon I took them shopping for some lino, as they are going to get their kitchen done ... I am sure that anyone else in the shop would have been laughing at me trying to describe what the assorted patterns/textures looked like!

Then we sat in the garden and chatted.

So a nice day overall.

Thank you again

Will update on everything else later, and catch up on comments, but wanted to get this done.

Star Trek Voyager Icons

I managed to get a set of icons done for Round 59 of startrek20in20 ... the episode I chose was Unimatrix Zero (part II) which is the first episode of the last series of Voyager.  I always love episodes in shows that show the "what ifs" and in this case it shows Borg being "human" and "humans" being Borg ... so interesting thoughts.

Here are my 3 teasers -

 photo Profile_zpsd45065bb.jpg      photo Touch_zps7b7cc024.jpg      photo Blur_zpsc72e5f73.jpg

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Barnabas - James in Caprica

Health & Music ... Well, They Are Meant To Go Together!

I really needed this - and it made me both smile and shed a tear ... thank you so much kudagirl

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And so to updates ...

Firstly The Orchestral Concert.

The concert itself went really well ... and even better, for me, is one of the "new pieces we played at this concert is one of my all-time favourite pieces. Albioni's Adagio in G Minor for strings and organ. I love it ... the first time I heard it was as the theme for the film Galipoli back in 1981, and actually had to listen to all the credits to find out which piece it was. If you don't know it, then -

We had a reasonable number in the audience (they ran out of programmes, so that's a good sign.

However the drive almost killed me, so I spent the day on pain killers, and the next day in bed. But I am still glad I did it. It took me a long time to get those clarinet skills, so I would hate to lose them for the sake of the drive to Bude.

Now, the Health Update.

As I said, I had a rough weekend.  I went back to my doctor on Wednesday and there was not much to show on the blood tests, which means it is still probably viral.

The good news is that she put me on some mild anti-depressants, which means I am no longer crying all the time, and also much of the constant intense pain is easier.  So, she upped the dose slightly.

The bad news is that my mobility and muscle ache is rapidly getting worse.

So, she is going to send me to see a rheumatologist ... the guy she wants me to see is good, and a nice person (as I have worked in his clinics).  So now I have to wait for the referral letter (which I collect Monday) and then book the appt.

I am determined to keep going though, as otherwise mentally I will be a mess, but I shall have to see what my body thinks of that plan!