May 30th, 2014

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Exeter's Ancient Heritage

Carrying on my yesterdays posts of my day in my own home "town", I wanted to show you how much, even in the midst of a modern city, the ancient remains with us.

Exeter was the furthest west the Romans settled, and it was a walled city in those days ... as it (mostly) is today.

In 1066 King Harold's mother lived here, and rebelled against the Normans, so King William conquered and built a castle here as well ... sadly much of that was destroyed with subsequent developement, but the gateway through the Roman wall "survives"

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Sword of Sacrifice

Walking Round Exeter's Parks

The Rougemont Gardens (named after Rougemont Castle of the Normans), and Northernhay Park were beautiful ... as you have just seen in the last page, and full of Roman "rubble", but they also have more modern memorials around ... especially the main War Memorial, which is for the city, and has no names on it

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Panoramic Exeter

One part of the trip I did by myself was to go to the Cathedral.  As a "local" I don't need to pay to go in, and Christine had been loads of times.  However the real reason for the trip was a short guided tour that she didn't want to do.

Just to remind you of our stunning building, here are a few photographs  ... please note the tower you can see clearly (which is the oldest part of the building)

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And, so to the reason for my visit.  The tower I pointed out has 175 steps on a tight spiral staircase ... I know as I went up them ... at the half way point I thought I would never breath again, and by the top my legs were wobbly ... not with the height, but with the exercise.  But, it wasn't raining, and the views were worth it.

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So glad I did the walk!

Hope you enjoyed all my Exeter pictures ... there were 6 other pages (making 7 in all) if you missed them.  ... Just go back clicking previous entries to this post.