May 8th, 2014

Ow - Cap'n John bandaging hand

Pain And Rain!!

No work again this week - but I have been busy doing a bit of writing, making some icons (see next post) ... and generally feeling sore, despite pain killers.  The docs only gave me a week's supply, so I halved the dose, and think that's part of the trouble, but I don't want to walk around like a zombie!  So I take the strong ones twice a day and boost with others as and when.  However, back to docs in a minute, as I need more pain killers anyway.

And the icon is appropriate as I managed to cut a chunk out of 2 different fingers yesterday ... one chopping onions, and one slicing bread!  (And that's while not being zombied!)

I had a suprise today ... I am a year older!!!!  No, friends, you haven't missed an LJ alert!

I read The Bible every morning, and am reading one divided into days.  I keep it here (read different at M&D's), so today I read June 24th's!  It was the first half of the book of Jonah, and looking at the rain, being swallowed by a large fish didn't seem suprising at all!

Well I must get on and get my icons posted!  (Hope you like them!)
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


Birthday Graphics

I hope that you have been having a lovely day - being especially loved ... and may this just be the beginning of a wonderful year.


I was going to make you something ... and then chickened out.  Your work is just too stunning for words.
James - Moonshot, Moonshot

Buzz Aldrin Icons

You all know (I hope!) that I love James ... I love his work as a brilliant actor.  But if I start typing about him I will run out of "paper"!!

However the choice of this set of icons made for Round 57 of character20n20  is that of Buzz Aldrin.

James portrayed this amazing character in the film Moonshot, that was released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon.  I was fascinated by the story, as I was old enough to remember standing in my back garden and looking up at the moon.  I remember being sad that I couldn't actually see the shpace craft!  Since then I loved the whole space exploration programme, including going to a shop during college hours to watch the first shuttle return to earth!

When you see the documentaries, and the film(s ... including Apollo 13), you begin to see what amazing people these early astronauts are.  They were clever (++++), and brave ... as were the background crew, and the families.

So, I hope I have done justice to both the wonderful James, but also to the men of the Astronaut Core ... I salute you.

The three teasers are -

 photo SilhouetteampCursive_zps87f4f260.jpg    photo AC3_zps13fc7638.jpg     photo FarampVibrant_zpsd9a894a0.jpg

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