April 30th, 2014

James - my name

Still Alive!

I promised myself I would post more, to show that LJ is still alive ... despite all the mad people who have defected to FB ... and then all I seem to have posted this week are junk things ... so, here's a bit of a proper post!

I haven't really caught you up with how I'm doing, as there isn't really much news there!  I will admit I am not as exhausted as I have been - getting to bed at about 10 now, so that is real progress.  The cough has finally eased (although not gone completely), but am left with pain in every joint and muscle ... especially in any old injuries ... and being accident prone means I have some real mangled bones and muscles!  Ended up going to the doctors ... but all they can offer are pain killers ... so am taking them as needed now (as soon as the pain builds up I am succumbing, as I had really let the symptoms rule my life).  So, I am more in charge of me than I have been for some time.

I haven't had any work this week - which is a problem for the bank balance, as it's just the fact there were no shifts ... but I have tried to be positive and get things done.

Yesterday I went to the opticians (I still go to the same one in Bude) ... so I also got to meet up with Toni for lunch, which more than made the trip worth it.  My eyes are really dry and "gunky" which is causing me problems with my lenses ... another side-effect of the virus.

Today I painted half my humungous shed (I ran out of paint at that point ... which my muscles were pleased about!) ... I have also done washing and ironing ... and had a walk.

This time of year I miss riding, as I used to have some beautiful rides by bluebell carpeted woods ... but I walked to my nearest Church, and got to see some .... (Sorry about the photo quality, but off my cheapo phone!)

Collapse )

I have commented this year that the blossom has been stunning - I have been very naughty and not gone out with the camera ... one more thing I must get organised with.

Well, hope you aren't fast asleep by now ... and hope that life is treating you well.