April 15th, 2014

Son of a preacher man.

Meant To Be At Bible Study ... But ...

Sadly the virus has kicked into my muscles today ... the last hour of work was a huge struggle ... so came home and had something to eat, and some painkillers!

Feel a bit easier ... just achy now.

I had a docs appt anyway tomorrow, so that works out well.

Now I am trying to catch up on some internetting ... look back through my LJ and answer comments etc ... so at least I am now going to try to use the time properly.

I may even try to start some art work.

Hope you are all well.
James - Rock On!

I Have To Get Well By July!

I have to be better by July ... I have found out that Ghost of the Robot (James' band) is going to be in London mid-July ... and I have decided to buy one of the expensive tickets!

Something to aim for!

I have always wanted to see GotR since I got the first CD ... so that's brilliant.

And, of course, I see James and his son ... so even better.  I didn't think I would get to see James again, so that's brilliant.

I just have to now hope I will cope with the bits that are more casual ... that is where I find life the hardest ... so for James I have bought the ticket, but whether I will end up hiding in a corner is another matter!