February 27th, 2014


Star Trek Voyager Icons

Although life has been hectic (yes I owe a lot of comments a reply), but I still worked at getting this second set of icons done. I will admit that a few of the images lack inspiration, but am going to go with them anyway!

They are for round 55 of startrek20in20, and this month there was no character theme. All my images are from Star Trek Voyager though.

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Bemine_zpsae1726bb.jpg    photo TeddyBear_zps5dd95e1f.jpg    photo OTP_zps53e753a5.jpg

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Breast Cancer


As I said I took Mum to the hospital yesterday .... Sadly her news wasn't good ... she has started hormone treatment in the hope of shrinking the tumour.

They have offered her a lumpectomy (so I aimed at the positive by saying that they thought she was well enough for surgery.)

However she will need to be on hormone treatment whichever she decides ... so she has opted to go on the hormone treatment and be re-assessed in three months.  If it has not grown, then that is what she will continue with.  I pray that the lump will decrease in size over the next year.

She actually has the advantage of her age (86) in that the tumour is slow growing.

On a side fact we were told that 1 in 6 ladies will have some form of breast cancer in their lifetime ... that is a scary modern fact.