February 7th, 2014


More Doctor Visits!

Had to go back to Torquay yesterday as Dad had another nose bleed ... still it meant I could go to Mum's doctors appointment with her ... and find out what the problem is (I found out she had also found a breast lump!!). They have changed Dad from Warferin back to Aspirin in the hope of decreasing the bleeding. So all in all it was a good trip home.

I even got the carpets washed (except for their bedroom) ... so worth it for that!

Then back for my doc's ... to find all the blood tests and x-rays were normal - I have a post-viral fatigue syndrome.

Then I popped in to see Tim & Claire ... she is doing OK, although when she popped out to the loo, Tim admitted to being worried about the anaesthetic, so it was good to be able to reassure him.

As I got back in the car to come back for my doctors appointment this was playing .... I loved it when it was released, and it still makes me smile!  Sad think is that I still remembered all the words!