January 30th, 2014

James - Exam time

Six Things Beginning With . . . J

cbtreks was playing last week ... and I asked for a letter, and she gave me J ...

Something I hate:   January this year - getting the news we did about Claire has not made this a good month.

Something I love: Jelly babies and jelly beans.  And, jigsaw puzzles.

Somewhere I have been: Jamestown, Virginia ... I would love to go back and re-visit as I enjoyed the trip, but it was years ago.

Somewhere I would like to go: Jerusalem - I would love to visit all the Holy Land, and see where Jesus actually walked.  I have been to some of the Greek Islands, and to Rome where Peter and Paul have been.
John o'Groats ... I have been to the most Westerly, Southerly and Easterly parts of Britain ... so only the most northerly to go.

Someone I know:  (Does James count??)  (or my dad who is John)  At our Church there are twins who are the same age as my nephew Tom ... Josh (& Leah)

Best Movie:  Not my overall favourite film ... but certainly super to watch - the Jungle Book ... what's not to like about that film?

If you'd like to play, just ask for a letter in the comments.