January 26th, 2014

James - my name

What A Busy Few Days

I had to be MIA as Dad's pc had died on Friday ... but then as the rest of the day progressed, and the following day things got even worse!

So ... here goes for a quick catch-up ... lots, briefly!

  • Went back to my doctor as I am still tired and coughing.  I have had x-rays, and have blood tests and lung function tests booked for Monday week.

  • Got back to Mum & Dad's to see that Dad's scar on his cheek was bigger than predicted ... he had a mole taken away last week, and the scar across his cheek is over an inch long. .... Although by now the scar is a bit easier as he has been living normal life.

  • Had a phone call from Claire (Tim's wife) on Saturday morning.  New Year's Day she was OK ... she heard on Friday she needed a mastectomy!  She had a small lump and saw her doc, went to the hospital and had a mammogram ... only to find the lump is OK, but that she had a "silent" cancer in the breast.  So, to say it was a shock, was an understatement.

So in the midst of Claire's news things got a bit lost ... so need to catch up with you all ... and with previous comments.

Hope you had a great weekend ...

And, belated Happy Birthday slaymesoftly ... I hope that you had a great day.