January 16th, 2014

DJ - plaited!

Thinking ... Not A Habit I Get Into!

I am great at just taking life as it comes.

As most of you know I was bullied and that left me very isolated, add to that my strong faith, most days life does just travel forward, and I go along with it.

This morning as I was reading my Bible, I saw a verse in the Psalms that jumped out at me, and got me thinking.  It was in a modern version, so the phrase meant something.  It was one of King David's Psalms and one of those he wrote when he was feeling alone.

I can so relate to that - and as I said it is something that I have been suffering from again recently.

However, and this is where I began to think ... David, in this case, was betrayed by his best friend.

I met Toni, my best friend in 1997, and since our first meeting (she was a patient of mine), our friendship just blossomed ... into something neither of us have had before.  She and I are alike in many ways, an so different in others, yet we have supported each other through some tough times ... and through some happy days.

Some years ago someone we both worked with tried to separate us, and for a few hours I felt like David did here ... but we spoke, only to find that Toni was feeling the same ... from then on we watched her try this again (and again).

I am so glad that even though we now live over an hour's drive apart, other than actually up the road from each other, our friendship is still there.

She has given me so much - friendship, unquestioning support, loaning me a horse (who she had already named after me ... DJ), laughter, and being with Jaykub when he had to be put to sleep.  She taught me to ride, she pushed me both in my riding and in my general confidence.  I have pushed her confidence in herself ... and was there with her when she had to have her horse put down while we were out riding ... and have had her daughters stay with me a few times.

Thank you Toni, for sticking by me.  Toni is a special person in my life ... and I can Thank God that she hurt her back and had to come to me for treatment!!!