January 2nd, 2014

James - who me???

The New Year Meme

As I have been a bad friend last month I have snagged this meme from slaymesoftly -

Okay, I'm willing to do the talking meme. Pick a date in January, give me a topic, and I'll try to expound on it. Or, if I can't expound on what you give me, I'll expound on why I can't do that.

Respond to this post and I'll do another one with the dates and topics if/when I have some.

So - thinking-caps on!
Eternal Refuge gif + my name

New Year 2014

I am so far behind then I shall never catch up ... so PLEASE, if you posted anything at all in the last month that I need to see aim me in that direction.

I am going to catch up with all your comments, but can't attempt to catch up with your news - I am so sorry.  However, as of now, I will attempt to keep up with you all ... and will endevour to post daily from now on ... just to keep myself focussed, if nothing else.

Hoping you all had a good Christmas, and a happy New Year ... and have managed to already break your New Year Resolutions, as I have!N  (And I only made 1!!)