December 29th, 2013

Christmas Tree + James

Not Yet Here!

But am making the effort to say I'm not here, in the effort to get back on-line.

Dad's pc seems to be working for a moment, and I am awake enough to have the time to type ... although mot the time to also read my friend's news ... I'm a bad friend.

Life is slowly tottering along - the virus on my diaphragm is horrific, and my doc cheered me up that I may have another month before it goes.  Still, at least I know I'm not infectious ... just super-annoying to be around!

Hope you all had a great Christmas.  Mine was great - especially watching Jiffy open his new toys ... a fluffy/ squeaky squirrel, similar but a chicken and a plastic squeaky Christmas cracker.  I do have a few photos that I may try and post tomorrow.

I will try and get comments answered - although some date back weeks, I'm sure.

Sorry for being a poor friend