December 10th, 2013


Hi .... And Rushes Off!

Oh boy, this virus is the gift that keeps giving ... or maybe I should say taking away!

4 days in bed last week - sleeping and coughing.

Then Friday I had to take Dad to the docs to have stitches out where he had a mole removed last week, then in the afternoon he went opticians, and mum went to the hearing people ... in between there was the normal shopping trip and walk for Jiffy ... and sleep in any spare minutes I had (then to bed by 7.30)

Saturday was a normal busy cleaning day - as well as getting Mum organised with Christmas Cards ... in other words I am doing her letters and addressing envelopes (it's not surprising that I am all behind with my cards!)

Sunday was Church, as ever in the morning ... then trying to have a easier afternoon.

After work on Monday I was totally shattered - so to bed by 7pm.

Now it's another day at work today ... I like the ward I was on, although it's emotional as it is a Leukemia ward.  I have to try and get some organisation for Christmas, yet I am shattered ... so I don't have time to check LJ at all ... sorry!

Hope that you are all well.
Buffy - One girl

Buffy Summers Icons

The day before the bugs hit hard I worked hard ... some more one day last week, and then this evening ... so I have a set of icons finished ... these are for character20n20 ... and my theme was Buffy Summers. Hopefully I have chosen a few more unusual images than the normal one ... now lets just see if you like them!

Here are the 3 teasers -

     photo Guesswho_zps1d634ed1.jpg  photo Cat1_zps51b986f1.jpg  photo Scenery_zps48cdde93.jpg

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