December 3rd, 2013


I'm Here - Sort Of!

I had actually booked today off work as I haven't really started Christmas ... having spent the last 3 days mostly in bed I am wobbly ... and not organised ... but am going to try to get on.

I hope to catch up with comments etc later today (or tomorrow ... depending on how quickly I flag!)

I went to the hospital on Sunday as I just couldn't breathe but they only confirmed what I presumed ... viral chest infection that has 101% totally screwed my asthma ... so nothing I can do except use the inhalers ever 1 1/2 hours (!!) ... and rest!

In the midst of all this I had to take dad to hospital to have a mole removed from his face - and also missed the end of my latest startrek20in20 ... so I decided to post the 15 I did anyway!  The work was there I just didn't get an AC set done.

Collapse )

For the Cat Set I had to chose lyrics from on song ... so guess which one I chose

For those who don't know - London City is my favourite song ... by James Marsters (of course) ....Collapse )

Hope you are all well - if I missed any vital news point me that way.