November 22nd, 2013

Adventure before dementia


So much for keeping regular updates ... where did the last few days go?  Sorry!

I still have to catch up with your comments on previous rambles, although have tried hard to pop in each day and keep up to date with you all.

I have had a melancholy few days to start the week - the hectic couple of days to end it!

To suit my melancholy I share the song that (surprisingly) has been on my mind!!

As to hectic - I heard from Toni that she wants to pop in on Monday ... so I have had to try and get her Christmas shopping done ... saves postage. But working till 6pm makes life hard! Didn't gat 100% what I wanted, but "for better or worse" I have shopped and wrapped.

I also needed to get 3 of my nephews birthday pressies bought ... wish I had got organised last week, then I could have taken them with me ;)

Speaking of Nick, he has managed to get a job ... not "head" of his department, as he was, and not local, but at least he is working ... both for money, and for his CV.

I'm not working today as I have to take Mum Christmas shopping today ... and am getting the car serviced tomorrow ... so busy, busy.

Hope all is well with you all.
Spike - Dru's cut on face and "sex"


I so need to get back to my re-watch.

I think I stalled because it is School Hard that I am going to watch and I'm scared that I wont like Spike!!! Silly, but that's the only reason I can think of!

Anyway ... for those who haven't seen it BuzzFeed has ranked every episode in order of preference ... with Beer Bad being their worst. Not a great one, but to me there are others that are not as good ... anyway here is the link if you missed it.
Eternal Refuge gif + my name

Random Facts

There is a meme that is (apparently) on FaceBook ... and is beginning to circulate here. You are given a number by a friend, and you have to find random, unknown facts to list. Hard as I am pretty open, but spikesjojo gave me the number 12 ... so, here goes:

  1. I was caught cheating in a spelling test when I was 7 and my name was put up on the school notice board ... to this day, I still can't spell, but now I would never dare cheat at anything!

  2. When I was 17 I spent a week working as a Postie, the week before Christmas ... my first proper job.

  3. As many Europeans cross their 7's (English don't) ... but I do!  I also cross through the letter Z ... both were the norm when I did my A level Maths.

  4. When I was getting my green belt at Judo, I dislocated one of my brother's fingers!

  5. I had to take my driving test 3 times!

  6. When I trained to be an osteopath I had to learn to take blood ... and also did a year of human dissection!

  7. I always wear a hat to Church.

  8. The first time I had whiskey was given to me by my grandmother ... so I could go to my grandfather's funeral, as I wasn't very well.

  9. I can fence left or right handed - just depends on what jacket I am wearing, and the grip on the foil.I don't like spicy food ... or gravies and sauces ... a very boring diet please.

  10. I am a head-banger ... and have been since a toddler.

  11. Although I never "party" (at all) I always stay up to see in the New Year.

  12. And, last but not least, James Marsters was the first Gig I went to ... and the only person I have seen in concert, ever!

How many of those did you already know - or were they all very random.

If you want a number, just ask!