November 18th, 2013


Busy, Busy Weekend

It was lovely on Saturday to take Mum, Dad & Jiffy to Nick & Brenda's for the day. We had a great time. We had planned to go at the end of the summer, but what I haven't told you all is that my brother lost his job ... so things were very tense then. He is still out of work, but I am pleased to say he is more relaxed than I expected ... I do worry about him as he is an over-weight smoker ... and we have a history of Strokes in the family. So it was good to see him more relaxed than I expected ....Collapse )

One thing I do want to share for the non-Brits is Torville & Dean. We had a big BBC fund raiser on Friday night and Torville & Dean and arranged to dance with 2 of the pros from Strictly Come Dancing ... Amazing.

And, last but not least, Happy Birthday, today crimson_newmoon
1st Spuffy.

BtVS Icons

I have made a few icons over the last few months for slayerstillness  and can't remember which ones I have already shared of the earlier ones .... but there are certainly some here you wont have seen unless you are part of that community ... Enjoy.

 photo 6X07OMWF0103_zps6bc2d9cf.jpg    photo 6X07OMWF1797_zps4736f46c.jpg    photo 6X07OMWF2505_zps6996d13a.jpg  photo 2X10WML0177_zpsa581ce62.jpg

 photo AC5-3.jpg    photo 5X15IWMTLY1629_zpsf3b1bcd0.jpg  photo 5X15IWMTLY0211_zps2fce556b.jpg  photo 3X09WISH1833_zpsb3830422.jpg

 photo 3X08LW0081_zpscfeea757.jpg  photo 7X16STOR1125_zps42f4439e.jpg  photo 7X13TKIM0963_zpsfeaea444.jpg  photo 7X09NLM2139_zps9fcde0ad.jpg

 photo 6X03AFTE2357_zps842a80c3.jpg  photo 7X01LESS0739_zps08f5bc8e.jpg  photo Untitled_zps78de96d5.jpg  photo Untitled-16_zpse09ed50e.jpg

 photo 3X09WISH1843_zpsb1087616.jpg  photo 4X18WWTA0019_zps82137310.jpg    photo 4X09SB1111_zps4263b865.jpg  photo 2X03SH2189_zps4132cf6e.jpg    photo 2X10WML0141_zps2317b115.jpg

 photo 6X07OMWF1213_zpsae8e7aac.jpg  photo 6X07OMWF2663_zps564c9a50.jpg    photo 5X15IWMTLY2329_zpsf84cf670.jpg  photo AC1-3.jpg

 photo Faceless.jpg  photo 2X07LTM1503_zps09e4162d.png  photo 5X07FFL1301_zps25c1ac8f.jpg  photo 2X03SH0307_zps1df9f7f5.jpg

 photo 7X17LMPTM0077_zps507ffaa0.jpg  photo 7X17LMPTM0599_zps7b6fc7e0.jpg  photo 4X09SB1473_zpsbfc6b8d0.jpg  photo 2X22BEC0971_zps59273cfe.jpg  photo 2X22BEC0531_zps7c80b24e.jpg

 photo 2X10WML0587_zps2177b021.jpg    photo 2X10WML1903_zps378ab917.jpg    photo 2X10WML1753_zps0a663d79.jpg    photo AC2-3.jpg

 photo Love.jpg    photo 7X13TKIM1073_zpscccee358.jpg    photo 7X09NLM2137_zps05db5c48.jpg  photo 7X09NLM1735_zps045fa5d0.jpg

 photo 7X16STOR0421_zps49bb1fad.jpg  photo BampW-Colour_zpsf3184b28.jpg  photo WideCrop_zps961468de.jpg  photo Closecrop_zpsff1ab1b1.jpg

 photo Dorky_zps4d30241c.jpg  photo Danger_zps1db6b75e.jpg  photo FakeBackground_zps68449ecb.jpg  photo First_zpsea1cd2f9.jpg

 photo 2X10WML0259_zps8d964428.jpg  photo White.jpg  photo Wet.jpg  photo Costume.jpg

 photo AC4-3.jpg  photo AC3-3.jpg  photo 5X15IWMTLY0563_zpsfb55c55b.jpg  photo 5X15IWMTLY0381_zpsd22f5690.jpg

 photo 3X05HC0971_zps0e7a2076.jpg  photo 3X09WISH1697_zps42a34689.jpg  photo 3X09WISH1229_zpsc660f7eb.jpg  photo 16_zpsfa84ad04.png

 photo Untitled_zps35c6d414.png  photo Oz_zpse9c1aef8.png  photo Text_zpsedc6506a.jpg  photo 1X12PG1883_zps37d40a34.jpg

 photo 4X21PRIM0181_zpsab29c5ce.jpg  photo 6X22GRAV0097_zps93b2f7a9.jpg  photo Untitled-16_zpseaf1f802.jpg  photo 3X06BC1475_zps9b6304e3.jpg

 photo 3X06BC1371_zps91f67c95.jpg  photo 3X06BC1229_zps9484e428.jpg  photo 6X07OMWF0479_zps0ddf7877.jpg

As ever all are snaggable