November 13th, 2013

James - buzz cut & name.

The 12th Again

I did say I would try to post - so thought that as yesterday was the 12th I would try to get a monthly entry in to monthlydiaryday   this time.

So, what did I do yesterday?

Normal 7am alarm call ... at which time I emptied my washing machine onto my whirl-line .... while watching the sunrise clouds changing shape and colour ... normally I'm not awake enough to notice! Then I loaded a second set into the machine. This time I can some of dad's trousers to do ...a rarity as Mum normally does it, but at their ages it's nice to pick up the flack for them when I can. Once I's showered, read my Bible, breakfast, made sarnies ... and hung out the 2nd load I made it to work at 9am (just!)

I was working on Surgical Outpatients. In the morning I was in a breast-care clinic. It never ceases to amaze me how many people come through these clinics ... and sadly how many have poor a diagnosis .... 14 patients in that group ... 2 to receive bad news, and 2 were going off for urgent scans (one male) as the doctor knew they would also get bad news. The rest were scanned, but came back with the all-clear.

Then after lunch I was working in the same area of the hospital, but weighing people as they arrived ... making sure notes were in the correct place ... etc.

Home soon after 5.30, and while the meal was cooking I rushed down the road to the supermarket ... milk, fruit etc a necessity.

After dinner it was ironing ... and more ironing. I watched Robin Hood on the DVD ... Errol Flynn is a great distraction!

Then onto the computer for a bit of a catch up, and to make some Blakes 7 icons ... before bed, with my light off at about 11pm (after some Spuffy reading to relax me, of course)