November 6th, 2013


Catching Up .... With A Meme

I seem to have been missing for ages ... well it's almost a week.  Weekends for me tend to end up busy with Mum & Dad time ... and of course Jiffy-time.  Jiffy time is fun, even if it does keep me away from you all.  The last couple of days have just been busy ... work is good, and last night the Bible Study group finished late.

So, I'm trying to catch up ... before I start that I have skimmed back a few pages on my f-list and spotted this American TV Meme .... so thought I would play!

Collapse )

So, now I have shown that basically I watch old "sad" TV!

Anyway - have I missed any vital news ... I know I have missed a couple of birthdays - including kazzy_cee ... I am so sorry. Hope that you had a great day.

Well I must try to catch up.