August 28th, 2013

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Sherborne Castle

Some of you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I went to visit Sherborne with my friend Christine. Here is one of the links of pictures .... Day Trip To Sherborne

Well, as well as visiting the Abbey and the town itself we also went to see the Castle.

There are actually 2 - the oldest of which is a ruin, which we looked at from a distance (!) ... whereas the other, built by Sir Walter Raleigh, is still lived in today.

We were not allowed indoor pictures - but it is a truly stunning building.  One item they do also have is the pipe that Sir Walter was reputedly smoking when he walked up to the scaffold to be be-headed.
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100 Meme - Film # 50

This set of films has contained those from Danny Kaye and Will Hay ... to finish off the set of 10 I am going to go to a film in the 60's ... the first of a set of films, still being made!  I have already mentioned one other in the set, but this one is just so mad it's brilliant - Have you guessed?

Yes - its Batman Maybe not quite as gothic as the more recent films - but a great film.

The archvillains of The United Underworld - The Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin - combine forces to dispose of Batman and Robin as they launch their fantastic plot to control the entire world. From his submarine, Penguin and his cohorts hijack a yacht containing a superdehydrator, which can extract all moisture from humans and reduce them to particles of dust. The evildoers turn the 9 Security Council members in the United World Building into 9 vials of multicolored crystals! Batman and Robin track the villains in their Batboat and use Batcharge missles to force the sub to surface.

One of the best scenes ever - (including a scene from another Batman film as well ... the one you need to sse is the first half!)

James with Halo!

Buckland Abbey

Yesterday my friend Christine and I had our last day trip of the summer and went to Buckland Abbey on the edge of Dartmoor.

Buckland was originally a Cistercian abbey founded in 1278 by Amicia, Countess of Devon and was a daughter house of Quarr Abbey, on the Isle of Wight. It remained an abbey until the Dissolution of the Monasteries by King Henry VIII. In 1541 Henry sold Buckland to Sir Richard Grenville who, working with his son Roger, began to convert the abbey into a residence. Roger died in 1545, leaving a son, also named Richard Grenville, who completed the conversion. He eventually sold Buckland to Drake in 1581. The abbey is unusual in that the church was retained as the principal component of the new house whilst most of the remainder was demolished, which was a reversal of the normal outcome with this type of redevelopment.

Drake lived in the house for 15 years, as did many of his collateral descendants until 1946, when it was sold to a local landowner, Arthur Rodd, who presented the property to the National Trust in 1948.

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The rest of the area had rain - but we were very lucky!

James - actoring theories

100 Meme - Catch-Up

Here I am at long last, half way through my meme. I daren't look at when I started this list! So, here is a catch-up ...

1 - 10 ... Some of my overall favourites.
11 - 20 ... Cary Grant films.
21 - 30 ... Old, obscure films!
31 - 40 ... More recent (for me, anyway) films

Danny Kaye -
41 - Up in Arms
42 - A Song is Born
43 - Wonder Man
44 - The Court Jester
45 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
46 - Merry Andrew
Will Hay -
47 - Ask a Policeman
48 - The Goose Steps Out
49 - Boys will be Boys
And -
50 - Batman (1966)

The next set of films will be some of my favourite musicals, although I have already listed a couple of them in previous links!

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Sad - But True!

You Have an Idealistic Heart

Your heart craves true love. You may wait a long time for it, but you're willing to wait.

You have an idea of what love should be like, and you're not about to settle. You want your heart to be genuinely happy.

It's likely that your heart has been broken quite a bit. Your heart is easily disappointed.

It takes a long time for your heart to heal. You never forget the wounds that have been inflicted on it.