August 25th, 2013

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Something Blue For A Sunday!

Haven't really time as I am meant to be editing Dad's book ... but have made a few icons for spuffy_haven so thought I would share here ... the 2 animated ones are a bit of an experiment, but thought I would share anyway.

1.  photo Spuffy_zps7f9d8fc4.jpg   2.  photo 4X09SB1399a_zps226ab41f.jpg    3.  photo 4X09SB1399_zpsd3d4d768.jpg

4.  photo Untitled_zps60899c21.gif   5.  photo SomethingBlue_zps0d781908.gif

6.  photo Untitled_zps9ade909b.jpg    7.  photo 4X09SB1299_zpsd7012495.jpg

Happy Spuffy Sunday.
Will catch up with you all later ... or tomorrow.