June 2nd, 2013



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Congratulations Your Majesty .... 60 years ago today here were my parents -

 photo DSC_0519_zps71f3cee1.jpg

(in the crowd!), and the phrase used a lot at the time was "Long may she *rain*" ... mum and dad got soaked, but had a memorable day.

Today the sun has shone and I am sure there were a lot of special memories going though many people's minds.
James - my name

It's All About Me!

Things have been quiet so I answered lupina78's meme prompt ... and these are the 5 questions she asked:-

1. I know you´re a very talented musician. Is there an instrument you wished you could play, but never really got the hang of it?
2. What´s your favourite food?
3. If you´d have the chance to go anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?
4. What´s the one thing you own that means everything to you? Like, an item with great sentimental value.
5. Aaand last but not least, what´s your favourite Buffy episode?

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So - if you want 5 questions just ask!