May 1st, 2013

WTS - James

May 12th ... I Will Make A Note This Year!

curiouswombat has reminded me (us) that it is mass observation day on May 12th this year.

It is a day when we can scribble about our "normal" day ... and the records are kept for the future.

I said last year that I would do it, and never did - so this year I am determined to make the effort.

More details can be found here ... so look out for the diary of my day!

Buffy - season 1

Buffy Season 1

At long last I am getting round to watching the rest of season 1 of BtVS.  I started it some time ago, but ground to a halt just after the episode "Angel" ... I wonder why!!!!!  Anyway, having posted some Spike icons yesterday I need to get back to watching so that I can get to "School Hard"!

So yesterday and today I watched a couple of episodes ... "Nightmares" and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight".

Both of which are good ... but hard to watch, for me.

We all have our Nightmares, and for most of us, they are recurring.  So watching an episode where they come into rl makes me wonder how I would cope with those heartaches in reality ... and all of a sudden it seems easier to leave my fears to me dreams.

In the show it also reminded me that the things I fear are not the same as the worries of others.  In the episode some fears seemed funny to their friends, but fears and terrors are real.  Dad always teases me that I can run away from a tiny spider, yet I will make friends with a horse ... to him, horses are bigger than him, and therefore he can't cope with the idea.  On that note I must admit my eyes were tightly closed when Wendel was having his spiders roaming around ... I am that freaked out!

Out of Mind, Out of Sight is probably the hardest of all the BtVS episodes (of all 7 seasons) to watch.  I almost missed it out ... seeing the scenes of Marcie being ignored brought home too many memories.  I can totally understand the feeling of being invisible, and the wish to become so.  School life is hard on us all, but some people do get lost in this way.  I left school in 1979, and still that episode makes me feel that I am still wearing my uniform.

I didn't join a spy school, though ... LJ has helped me to find friends ... and maybe to put some of those "nightmares" away ... although never to truly escape them.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Buffy Survey on joans_journal ... so thought I would snag and add to this short post.

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