April 2nd, 2013

Spuffy - in my dreams always here


I had the same dream twice!

Well almost!  Both dreams had lots of people meeting up at some sort of gathering - mostly people I knew, with a few I didn't (and in both there were different people.

Except both had someone I know that was being secretly beaten up by their partner.

Weird - hope it is not some warning that someone I know is going through this ... I have known it happen to a friend (after the event)  ....  and never want to hear of it again.

Now I have to get to work ... hope you all have enjoyed Easter ... will get back to LJ proper later!

PS - the tooth/hole is still slightly sore, so may go to my doctor later!
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Some Answers To Questions

Way back some weeks ago I asked a couple of friends to challenge me in the 5 Question Meme that they did ... and I haven't got round to answering them.

So the first set were from kudagirl .... and she asked me -

1. We both love James, but what other actor living or dead would you love to sit and talk to over a good cuppa?

2. If you had not worked in the medical or music field, what other career would you have enjoyed?

3. I know you have travel quite a bit over the years, what area would you love to visit given the time and money?

4. If you could have lived in another era, would it be the past or the future and why?

5. How do you think your life would be different if you had been born male instead of female?

If you want to see what I ramble about ...Collapse )

Well, there we are ... ramble over!

BTW, I am back on antibiotics for the tooth and have to go back to my dentist. The GP I saw was stunned at the size of the hole still ... 11 days, and counting, since the extraction! ... Watch this space ("groan")