March 27th, 2013


London 2013 - Part 2 - V&A Museum Of Childhood

I have the morning off work and am trying to get caught up with some things.  Have done some shopping and been to the bank (yes, pay day today!)

My mouth is still sore and I am almost out of anti-biotics.   There is still a large hole where the tooth came out - weird considering it was a small tooth with very little root!  However the infection has taken it's toll - so I shall make sure that it is easing until it finally heals.

But, looking at the title is because I have never got the rest of my London photos up.  On my one full day in London I started by going to Bethnal Green which is part of East London ... for me it is a different pronounciation than the rest of the world as I come from that area ... to me I say "Befffnull" rather than the word being said as it is spelt. Anyway - for part of East London I was pleased to seeCollapse )

The other side of the park was the Museum of Childhood ... it is in a large building and brought back some great memories ... especially as Mum is a hoarder so my toy memories go back to the 1920's!!!

Anyway here is a mini potter around the museum ...
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Hope it brought back a few memories ... but if not ... for the Buffy Fans ... this will certainly bring season 7 thoughts
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Sanity - overated!

Today's Bad Idea

Just when you think a person can't get any dumber ..... this will cleanse the gene pool a little.

 photo Capture_zps07aed39e.jpg

I know, I saw it right away too .... No safety glasses or hearing protection! And I caught something else that is really important: he has no gloves on.


I knew most of them ... played them, watched them on TV .... great memories for those of my age in England - the rest can see how weird we truly were!