March 17th, 2013

Spike - blue near cross + his name

I Didn't Really Catch Up, Did I?

Oops - sorry!

Friay was hectic as I took Dad shopping for their weekly groceries (Mum was feeling too tired to go) and then after lunch I took her to the next town over for an opticians appointment and to help her pick her new glasses.  She is now registered partially sighted, and that has been hard for her to begin to come to terms with.

Saturday morning had me taking Dad shopping to get stuff to make his wine - he has a glass of red wine each lunchtime, and does like making it himself.  Then in the afternoon I helped Mum sort a couple of her storage shelves in the pantry - she is a terrible hoarder, so I used the excuse that it needed cleaning to go through the items with her.

This morning I didn't go to Church as I spent some time tracking down a duty dentist and then booking an appointment.  I had a major filling this afternoon and have to see my own dentist within 10days to check it is all OK.  My mouth is still very sore, but I am not in the screaming agony I was in ... although I am still taking pain killers.  So hopefully that will ease soon.  We also woke up to see the only snow that I have seen this year ....Collapse )

Tomorrow morning I am taking part in a research programme at the medical School, so hopefully I shall get some photos and scribble up about London a bit later.

Hope you all had a good weekend.