March 5th, 2013

James - my name


I am meant to be decorating - my kitchen needs the final sort out, as it's almost finished ... and I have started my spare room. However I have not been playing icons all morning (although I have spent some time arguing with PhotoBucket ... why do companies have to change things that work OK?). I have actually sorted out my tubs - weeded, airated, ready for some plants ... so that feels positive (and it was nice to be outside in the sunshine)

Anyway, here is another set of icons - this time for round 9 of history20in20. I will admit I don't really like "free rounds" - but these are a good challenge away from my normal TV programmes I do every month.

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo NegSpace_zps27e64980.jpg      photo Significance_zps8d0c77ed.jpg      photo Rushed_zps2abe0780.jpg

On a side note (for my friends) - in that last teaser icon the man on the far right is actually my grandfather!  He worked for Samuel Williams before and during the war ... as my dad also did during the war.

Collapse )

I must get on with my decorating - I can't put it off any longer!
James - drinking water at gig

Happy St. Piran's Day

I lived in Bude, Cornwall for one month short of 25 years ... so I never got to be a "local" - but that doesn't stop me wishing all those who are Cornish ... or of Celtic heritage a Happy St Piran's Day - a day to celebrate with a pasty and a cream tea, I am sure.

 photo 72487_10152086738189240_2004927650_n_zps875fe30a.jpg

Off to drink a glass of scrumpy (rough cider) in celebration!)