March 1st, 2013

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5 Question Meme

I went to my friend Pete's funeral today - it was "lovely" to see the Church full, and to meet up with friends form orchestra.  I left Bude 18months ago and will admit that it is one thing I still miss.  I haven't found anywhere still to play and just wish I was a bit nearer, or at least that petrol was free on Mondays, then I would go back.  Pete had died travelling in Peru, a place he loved, so the practical logistics were a nightmare, but for him his last few days were in doing the things he loved.

I am meant to be sorting out why dad's printer has stopped printing, but it is now telling me that he doesn't have a printer, so before throwing something at the computer I thought I would answer one of my set of 5 questions.  I challenged a couple of my closer friends to ask things they didn't know - and both managed to find 5 questions to ask.

jaded_jamie asked:-

1: Second favourite actor or singer do you admire most?

2: Is there a TV show you would wipe from history completely?

3: You could be ANY person alive today for a day, who?

4: Relating to question 3, why?

5: Why are you a Royalist?

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If anyone wants me to ask them 5 questions then all you have to do is ask.