February 14th, 2013

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The Age Meme

Yuk - they have changed the posting thingy and not giving me the option to opt back.  Why change something that isn't broken.

Happy Valentines Day - I am meant to be doing some decorating as I have had 2 very tired days with nothing done other than work.  But rather than do that I thought I would do this mini meme that I snagged from enigmaticblues.... she gave me age 32

Age I was given: 32 (1993)
I lived in: At home with my parents in Bude, North Cornawall
I drove: White Ford Fiesta
I was in a relationship with: No one.
I feared: Never knowing who "I" was.
I worked at: I was an osteopath with my own practice in Bude.
I wanted to be: loved

Now I am: 51
I live in: Exeter, Devon (during the week) and in Torquay with my parents (at weekends)
I am in a relationship with: No one.
I drive: a Chevrolet Matiz
I work at: I am an Auxilliary Nurse at The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
I fear: Always being single
I want to be: loved.

So, sad to say, other than my job and address very little has changed.  Although I tend to be more positive about life and a bit more independant ... but the rest of my life seems pretty static.  If you want to play, just ask for an age.

Oh well, I must get some cleaning done - my kitchen is almost finished, so hope to get it done this evening.

Hope you are all enjoying a cuddle with your loved ones.