January 31st, 2013


I'm Meant To Be Painting .......

.... But instead procrastination has won!  Well, I just HAD to catch up with my f-list, didn't I?

I didn't do any decorating yesterday ... although I had a short shift.  So must do some today.

I had a shift at the nursery again today - I think work is trying to make up to me for the fact I have never had kids to play with!  I have a sore throat though as there were some good story books about animals to read ... Hissssssssss, Roaaaaaar ... not good for the throat, at all!

So I have painted some more in my kitchen, but have decided to reorganise my spare room ... I know I only got it sorted recently, but how I had the storage stuff just didn't work, so while painting I am taking a break to move boxes ... I aim to get inspired to paint the walls as well!

Well, I had better get on and do some work.

Hope that you are all having fun