January 16th, 2013

Flashing lights with my name

Just A Ramble-Update

I didn't work today as I had to take Mum to Totnes to get her magnifier repaired. She has 2 from the Low Vision group and the repaires etc are free - but you have to take them there! Anyway we got it repaired and an appointment for her to go in a few weeks for a review of her vision.

Once I had taken her back home I came back here and did some shopping.

Then I realised that procrastination was getting bad ... so I decided to start my decorating plans ... so I have done a bit in the kitchen. I have the excuse of not doing too much as I don't want to flare up my virus any further ... I still get very tired, very fast. But at least I have made a start (and a mess) so now I must keep going until it is done!

While working I had one of my Cole Porter CDs on and I found a song for James -

And, also a song for me (osteopath turned nurse) -

The actual song starts at 1.08

Anyway - enough weirdness from me ... I must get something to eat ... then later want to see if I can get my latest set of icons done.

Adventure before dementia

Capt John Hart Icons

Well, I have had some fun playing with James!!!! However am not really happy with some of them at all - but decided to leave them as they are, as one or two are using newer techniques, so it has been a good learning curve ... and maybe next time I play I shall be better!

Anyway this set of icons is for round 28 of doctorwho20in20... with my theme being (surprise, surprise) Capt John Hart.

Here are my 3 teasers -

Photobucket    Photobucket   Photobucket

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