January 3rd, 2013

James - Discovery Channel

Goodbye 2012

Well it looks as if LJ is behaving itself now (whispers quietly so as not to frighten it away again!)

I was back to work today as well, and worked a clinic shift in an ENT department, and tomorrow it is Orthopaedics.  Then back to M&D's, although I am then bringing them here for Sat lunch ... part of my focus to get them (and me) motivated on various things.

Well as I seem to be slowly catching up with you all I thought I would do a meme to sum up last year, for those who missed my rambles and scribbles, and then I can really say that the year has gone.  So, I snagged from kazzy_cee ... and here it is.

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Wow - that was long, and I realise that other than Mum & Dad's 60th and my visit from Annemarie, life was fairly static last year - which makes me all the more determined to get organised this year!