January 2nd, 2013

Sanity - overated!

Not Being Defeatist - Honest

.... But I decided to not finish the Christmas meme as it seems a bit silly now.

It seems as if LJ is up again - and although I managed to post yesterday it wouldn't let me comment, so fingers crossed we are a day closer to getting back to normality - and thus back in touch with my friends (group hugs).

Back in Exeter again after my break - and just been back to the doctor who said that the virus would last as long as it wanted to, but I hadn't developed anything else along the way. She has given me a cough suppressant, which already means I have coughed less in the last hour than I have every hour for the last month, so that seems hopeful.

I want to get some sorting out done this afternoon, as I am determined to have M&D here on Saturday, and also want to get a lot of decorating done before Easter ... so I have entered 2013 with a positive feel.

However, as I said at the beginning, I won't be going back - so if any of you posted anything important please push me that way.

Well hope this posts ... group hugs.