December 16th, 2012

Christmas Tree + James

Yay!! Can't Wait for Next YearNow!

Thank you so much edenskye... I snagged while you weren't looking ....

On the twelfth day of Christmas, debris4spike sent to me...
Twelve alwaysjbj drumming
Eleven amyxaphanias piping
Ten lupina78s a-leaping
Nine kudagirls dancing
Eight dragonflylady77s a-milking
Seven thunderbirds a-swimming
Six survivors a-riding
Five btvs
Four marx brothers
Three vampire diaries
Two james marsters
...and a spike in a spuffy.
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In 2013, debris4spike resolves to...
Put fifty thunderbirds a month into my savings account.
Learn to play the spike.
Backup my church regularly.
Go riding three times a week.
Lose ten marx brothers by March.
Cut down to twenty james marsters a day.
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Looks like I shall have fun next year!

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Eternal Refuge gif + my name

Aren't I One Lucky Girl.


The latest season of seasonal_spuffy is just coming to an end, and as ever there were some great entries.  However algoazul  offered to make personalised gifs ... so look what is now on my profile ... yay, my favourite scene, and the theme of my journal ... and the matching icon.

I am one happy girl - maybe this will help the bugs to run away ... the force of the squeeeeeeeeeeeee.