November 27th, 2012


London Trip 2012 - Part 7 - Museum of London

And so to the last day of my holiday ... that sounds grand, but when I think I only had 2 nights stay in London, yet how much I managed to see, it did seem a true holiday.

I took my suitcase to Victoria and left it there, so that I could spend the day without that weight to cart around.

Once I had dropped it off I made my way to The Museum Of London - a museum I rememebered fondly, and found that it had been updated, but was still as "full" as ever.  The paid display was on nursing care, etc, through the ages and decided that I saw enough at work to not see while I was on holiday!

Anyway - a lovely trip.

The first part was, obviously, pre-history ... and I actually took a photo of some of the dinasaur bones. These actually come from the farm of the people who ran the Chapel that I attended as a child. They had a lot of clay and it was dug up, making land-fill ... that is until the bones were discovered, then things got very slow. So it was fun to actully see them labelled, and realised that I knew the farm in question!

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Next came the Romans ... and there was even a glass wall area so that you could actually see the Roman Wall of London with the rest of the displays.

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The museum is chronological and well laid out ... as far as the 1960's ... with the final display in the cafe being that of the Woodentops ... a favourite programme of mine as a kid. here is an episode, if you don't know what I'm talking about -