November 24th, 2012

LOL - James

Robot For sale - A Saturday Joke

Dick owned a lie-detector robot that slapped people whenever they lied. The first day he owned it, he tried it out on the family.

"How was school today?" he asked his middle school-aged son, Joey.

"It was okay," said the boy, picking at his beans. The robot promptly slapped the kid.

"Okay! I played hooky at Donny's house. We watched movies."

"What movies?"

"Toy Story." The robot slapped again.

"Jeez!" shouted Joey. "All right. We watched porn."

Dick was stunned. "At your age, young man, I didn't know what porn was!"

The robot slapped Dick.

Dick's wife Sarah couldn't suppress a laugh. "Well, he's certainly your son!"

The robot slapped Sarah.

Wanna buy a robot?
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London Trip 2012 - Part 5 - Horseguards

Having wandered around Westminster I then continued on my way up the road and to Horseguards ...Collapse )

Then trough the gateway and onto theCollapse )

After crossing the square I saw the Guards memorial .... The actual soldiers (of each of the Guards Divisions) are real soldiers, as my Grandfather's best friend was the model used for the Coldsteam Guards.

Collapse )

I also visited the museum while there (in fact the only entrance fee I paid all the time I was in London!)

Collapse )

Then off to Trafalgar Square ... on the next entry!