October 31st, 2012

Adventure before dementia


Haven't had much LJ time as I had a couple of busy shifts, Bible Study and Toni popped over for an hour - so all good in my life, but means I haven't been LJing.

Hoping all is well with my friends - I heard today on the radio that there has been loss of life, as well as property.

So am praying that you are all safe.
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LJ - Looks Like You May Have Finally Got Rid Of My Loyalty.

I love LJ as it is - I hate the fact that they want me to lose my layout look on my f-list.  One of the many things I hate about Facebook is the lack of personality.  I pay LJ to have that - but looks like I will lose that soon.

Now they want me to change my password - shall I say, "Why?" - it's been good enough for the last 7 years, so why change it.

I think I will have to look into Dreamwidth - I wonder if I can take my LJ stuff there, as I have a few things only here and not elsewhere.  Also I wonder about layout etc - any help from friends who are already there would be greatly appreciated (btw, do I still need an invite code thingy?)

I have actually commented on LJ's link and asked WHY (with caps lock!!) ... so maybe, like a few years ago this will all fizzle out.  But somehow, I don't think so.


Well, I have set up the account - and now am having a go at importing my LJ overt there ... looks like I will have to do layout later, and decide whether I pay out for the account and the icons!

Then I will look into cross-posting.
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