September 17th, 2012

Spike - Always Alone

I Needed That -

Thank you so much kudagirl  for the great little friend I now have sitting on my profile keeping me company.

Had a busy and enjoyable week at work, yet had a really emotionally low couple of days.

I suppose it was working on Maternity (which occasionally gets to me) and knowing that I won't be seeing James this weekend even though he is due to be over here. 

Not seeing James is overall emotionally the correct choice as I know a general con would finish me off emotionally.  I have made so many small, but positive steps, over the years, but something like that would set me back.  Silly at 51 to say I can't cope with something - but maybe by saying it is a positive sign!

However not seeing James is really hard.

Sad, aren't I?


Blakes 7 Icons

Wow, 2 sets of icons in 2 days ... and both before the end date!

I made this set for round 24 of season20in20  and it is Blakes 7 season 2 this time. I have decided that I may take a break from Blakes 7 for a few months and re-start them again in the New Year. It is fun doing them, but hard to get a "different" image every 4 months as the seasons repeat.

Anyway, here are the teasers for this month -

Photobucket    Photobucket    Photobucket

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