September 7th, 2012



Where have the last few days gone? When someone has an answer, can they let me know. I have managed to skim through my f-list most of the time, but if I'm missing anything please shove me in the right direction.

Work has been busy the whol week, with a vast variety of wards, so that has made it super-interesting.

Now I'm at Mum & Dad's for the weekend - so hopefully will get some icons made tonight and some gardening done for them tomorrow (with Jiffy supervising, of course)

Well I had better catch up on the last couple of days messages.

Group *hugs*
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

This is a special message for 2 of my f-list who I rarely see around LJ now ...

I just want to wish seductivembrace  a truly lovely birthday today , and kalinda001  a great day for yesterday - Hope life is going well, you are both special ladies.

Best wishes for the coming year.