August 28th, 2012


Bank Holiday Catch Up

I know when I posted rapidly on Sunday i said it was hectic, so thought I would fill you in on debrs4spike s busy couple of days.

Got to M&D's (as normal) on Friday evening to find there were all flustered.  Mum suffers with OCD, and the car had broken down that morning, which had altered her normal Friday routine ... that is not good news, for anyone!!!

So a later than wanted night ... and as I was getting ready for bed, a Jelly Baby fought back ... and removed a back tooth at gum level.  Yes, the observant will note I had this a couple of weeks ago, but this is another tooth!

So, Saturday .... it was a trip for the 4 of us to Nick & Brenda's ... to celebrate Brenda's 50th.  It was a great time.  her parents were also there, and as she said, it is great that all 4 parents were there, in their 80's, yet all able to "party"

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Sunday came, with only me making it to Church, as we were late back from N&B's ... it was a good service, with the hymn that I chose for my 40th - What A Friend We Have In Jesus.   We were just sitting down to lunch when Tim & Claire arrived on an unscheduled visit. Their Church ahve 2 identical services and they got up in time to go to the earlier one!! So decided to make the most of the day by visiting us (and having fish & chips) and then a walk along the front.

That evening we watched a Cary Grant film ... doing him on my meme (entry to follow) had inspired me to pick one of his films.

Will admit Monday was lazy ... and very, very wet.  I took Jiffy for 2 short walks, otherwise we might have drowned!

Now back at work, and doing this catch up before heading out to Bible Study later.  Hope you all had a good weekend.

Cary Grant - shenaninans

100 Meme - Film # 27

Yet another brilliant Cary Grant film is Bachelor Knight

Teenaged Susan Turner, with a severe crush on playboy artist Richard Nugent, sneaks into his apartment to model for him and is found there by her sister Judge Margaret Turner. Threatened with jail, Nugent agrees to date Susan until the crush abates. He counters Susan's comic false sophistication by even more comic put-on teenage mannerisms, with a slapstick climax.

Cary Grant is the playboy, Shirley Temple the teenager, and Myrna Loy as her sister. Great film, cast ... and supporting cast.