August 21st, 2012

Spike - ever changing


Spike was an amazing character, brought to life by James.

As I said yesterday, without Spike being such a strong character I would never have become hooked. He was designed as a throw-away villain, yet having such a wonderful actor portray him, he became so much more than could ever be imagined.

One link that I saw yesterday to celebrate James 50th birthday was this .... the top 50 scenes of Spike in BtVS (great for them not to use Angel, as I have yet to watch!) ... This list brought back some wonderful memories. (I must get back to my re-watch)

As you all (probably) know I am a James fan - I love his ongoing projects, music and pray that he will have a wonderful life.  Yet, I still love the character of Spike ... I read Spuffy, and when I write it is Spike or Spuffy.  They are 2 separate people, yet you couldn't have one without the other.

Thank you James for doing such a great job.



Last Friday I had arranged with Christine to go to one of the Stately Homes ... only to wake up to torrential rain.  We met, anyway and decided to head to Plymouth ... because, at least that way, we could wander round the shops.

We got there, and shopped ... and coffeed, and wandered ...and chatted.  I actually got a couple of things for birthdays, so that was good.  We had a late lunch, by which time, the weather was drying up ... so we walked up to Plymouth Hoe .... Home of the Edison Lighthouse, and where Sir Francis Drake played bowls while waiting for the Amarda to arrive.

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From there it was on to The Barbican ... to see where the Colonials left our shores -

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On the way back to the car we saw this structure of a Galapagos tortoise in a Peace Garden ... although, I chose to have my photo taken in front of one of the anchors of The Ark Royal.

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A great day out.