August 15th, 2012

James - my name


What a hectic weekend - but I got a lot of gardening done on the Saturday and helped perm Mum's hair on the Sunday afternoon. So busy, but productive.

Then a late night as we watched the closing ceremnoy of The Olympics. Love or hate athletics, I think the actual 30th games were a success and gave a positive image of both the country and people in general. There's always bad news around, yet here we had some truly positive images.

Monday morning started with 2 major fillings (and a headache from the drilling!!) ... thena busy shift on my least favourite ward.

Tuesday was busy as I did an "early" which was extended to a full 12 1/2 hour shift ... but it is one of my favourite wards, so that was good.

However, it was a busy 4 days ... so no LJ time - did I miss anything ... please push me in that direction.


I know I still have photos to scan, but I have 2 sets of icons to do, so the photos may have to wait!