July 18th, 2012

Hardest thing - live in the world

Yep - A Set Of Threes

As most of you saw I was worried my pc was dying ... and that is what greeted me Sunday night ... a totally dead, unable to resurrect pc

That was after a weekend where M&D had been (rightly) nagging me to get a new mattress (on both beds ... here & there!).  There may be beds and mattresses on special offer, but if you want a good firm, non-orthopaedic one, don't bother looking in the sales section!

So the credit card was busy.  Yes, I actually have some money saved - it had been in the hope of a "James-day" but it means the credit card can be paid straight off.

Then, to cap it all, a back tooth broke yesterday ... so now I have a very sore tongue.  As I have a check-up booked in 10 days and the tooth itself is pain free I won't get that changed ... in fact I wonder if I even could do so.

So, work this am, but part of yesterday and this afternoon is downloading things.  I have, sadly found that the discs I did the final back-up on didn't work ... showing how dead the old on was even before it keeled over!  I am going to, next month or so, look into "Cloud" back-up.

So, what have I missed in the last week - anything at all, please shove me in that direction.