July 11th, 2012

Adventure before dementia

I Have Scared Myself

I have just looked at the time!

10.20 am ... washing on line, bread rolls made and a fruit cake in the oven ... I better not tell Mum (after her health scare over the weekend) as the shock might kill her ... or maybe she would just presume I was fibbing!

While working I have had my Marilyn Monroe CD on ... just thought I would share a favourite of mine -

I woke up all domesticated - after a tough couple of days.  I have done 2 shifts of 8 hour bed making ... that's it for the week, but I needed the money. Now I am paying for it.  The leg is, at long last, showing some signs of bruising.  Weirdly I have no problems walking upstaries ... but coming down, or any slope is still a killer.  I do still hope to get the hoovering done today, but in a 3 story house, not so much fun.  But while the housework fairy has invaded my brain (I don't have Harry Dresden's helpers) I ought to get on!


The Plane Took Off Past Mty Front Door - Honest

This is possibly the best link I've had for a long time.

Try it with your full address....when I entered the full address the aircraft went past our house........virtually anyway!! True!

It is a brilliant advert anyway, but add a British address and watch and see - sorry, but I don't know if the link will work outside Britain.  ETA - It doesn't work outside GB ... so those "away" can type in my old Bude postcode - EX23 8DH

Also a very clever bit of viral advertising by B.A. Wouldn't surprise me if the original ad didn't win some sort of award in the future. BA launched a new Olympics themed advert which is quite clever BUT the REALLY clever bit is you can put in any UK postcode or address (or try both) and "thanks to CGI and Google Maps", the advert will include the B777 taxiing up your road!

WW1 Grave

Managed To Grab A Few Minutes Of Sunshine

I had a text froma  friend at Bible Study group this afternoon finding out if I was enjoying the day.  It reminded me that the sun was actually out, so I ought to pick up camera (and crutch) and go somewhere.  As I hadn't really planned anything I just drove the 1/2 mile to the cemetary!  It is a very peaceful place - only opened about 1880, so no really ancient monuments, but still some beautiful tributes.

One of the oldest monuments was this one, to 160 people who died in a theatre fire in 1887 ... thus showing that Mum & Dad had been right in not letting me go to shows (too dangerous!)


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Within most cemetaries are assorted Commenwealth War Graves - Exeter is no exception.

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