June 25th, 2012

B7 - Going to live forever

Midsummer Day 2012 - Part 1

Well, I thought it was a great day - whatever the weather, whatever the news (sport included!!) I had a lovely day.

How can I begin to thank you all for what you did to help me celebrate my 51st birthday.

The day before, Mum & Dad took me shopping and bought me a watch.  That was doubly special ... both in that it is a lovely watch, but also that both of them were well enough to actually go out with me.  These last few months have been rough for dad, which has made mum's year long troubles worse.  However both are doing well at present, which is lovely to see.

When I got back it was to my first "card" -


Thank you kudagirl... as she pointed out, without him we would never have "met".

I woke really happy, as I had a really special dream ... what a great way to start the day.  

Then I was given the following message from jaded_jamie .... so what could I do, other than have a great day.

At Church they started our second service by singing "Happy Birthday" ... so that was fun.  The chief elder suggested giving me the bumps ... but as I pointed out I had never had it done, so it was too late to start ... and dad said I would be heavy!  So that idea got abandoned.

Then back home for lunch ... sneaking more LJ time ... and the serious bit of my birthday ... pressies and cake!

(Part 2 to follow)
Adventure before dementia

100 Meme - Film #15

Another older, more obscure film is My Man Godfrey. Whilst on a scavenger hunt for a high society party game Cornelia Bullock and her sister Irene (Carole Lombarde) find Godfrey (William Powell), a tramp living on the city dump. Godfrey takes a dislike to Cornelia and decides to help Irene win the hunt for a 'forgotten man'. Soon Irene persuades him to work for her family as the butler, without knowing his true identity. And I suppose you can guess who "saves" the whole family ... yes, the tramp turns out to be financial wizard.

The trailer -

A typical clip -

Thank You ... James!

Midsummer Day 2012 - Part 2

It's going to be hard to list everyone who sent greetings my way, as I had messages on LJ, CDS (a James fan board) ... and a load on that dreaded FaceBook.

I do want to say special thanks to the kind someone who has left some flowers on my profile - they really brighten up the place ... just wish I knew the actual person to hug ... Thank you.

As I said in an earlie post I had a card and a video from kudagirl and from jaded_jamie.

However I also had messages from edenskye ,  mabel_marsters ,  enigmaticblues ,  laimelady, petzipellepingo ,ayinhara , cbtreks , illuminanted , lupina78 , auntiero , cordykitten  and messages from crimson_newmoon ,   fudgepickles

I had a great e-card from pfeifferpack

Then, via FB I had messages from aa_eve_aa ,   cal_turner ,   cryssiemarsters ,  deborahw37 , dragonflylady77 , fenchurche , larabeckinsale , mad_brilliant_ , oldgreymare ,   spikereader , ukchrisp , yumimum  and a couple of others who doubled up their wishes, and one who doesn't like to be listed to link LJ & FB.

I think I got you all - it was just so lovely to feel love and wishes coming from all round the world. 

Thank you - one and all.

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