June 21st, 2012

Stone sculpture

100 Meme - Film #14

I am a fan of war films, as you know. This film is about someone who is suffering amnesia as a result of shell-shock. Ronald Coleman portrays this lost man who takes a stroll into the local town and gets lost, only to be helped by Greer Garson. It shows their story as they fall in love and marry. He then travells for a job interview to Liverpool where he is knocked down, only to lose the memories after the war to that date.

Random Harvest then continues to show how Ronald Coleman picks up his old pre-war life .... but always with something missing from his life.

James - my name

A debris4spike Ramble

That 5 thingy meme is going around again. Having read a couple of entries, one of which was from a friend who I had never got to ask me 5 subjects to ramble about. So, I decided to volunteer ... here is what deborahw37  gave me

What does home mean to you
Your favourite memory
David Tennant
The Internet.

So they are a great, and new selection.

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Hope you weren't too bored! If you want to ramble, just comment and I will give you 5 topics.