June 19th, 2012


My First Jaykub Rose Of The Year

Look what I saw when I got in from Bible Study this evening -


My memorial rose for Jaykub .... I am happy about that. I know that it doesn't bring him back, but it was given me the day after he died and it stayed in Bude with me, travelled to Mum & Dad's over the winter and now is with me in Exeter.

He died 8 years ago this July ... so the plant is doing well.

At Bible Study we talked about the word "why" .... and were reminded that God doesn't promise us answers to hard questions, but He does promise us His un-dying love.

Jaykub was only 10 when he died and words can't ever really describe how much much he meant to me ... maybe this year I should try to write about our amazing friendship.

However in the loss of Jaykub I then had the honour of training my namesake DJ, which is something that I would never have been involved in ... which also meant that he was able to go and live the spoilt life that he now has.

So, I still miss Jaykub, but in his loss DJ and I both gained.